Do you deserve a massage? Need to feel healed? Experience this ancient form of healing in a safe & clean environment.

Leah Kazuko Casey has studied with internationally recognized teachers & spiritual masters, most notably Sat Guru Hanuman Das of Dharmikam Ashram (Kerala, South India). Her interest & study of the Kalari Healing system includes breath, sound & food sadhanas (or practices) as well as the hands on style of healing involved in the Kalari Healing treatments.

Kalari Healing treatments, a precious gift of wisdom from ancient India. The word kalari is half of the word kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art of Southern India. Visually, it is an extremely fast & beautiful practice, originally used by the ancient warriors when they were defending the King’s land. Kalaripayattu, until very recently, was an almost forgotten artform. It has now been resurrected as an ancient Indian cultural treasure, through the efforts of Sat Guru Hanuman Das, a warrior/healer from Kerala. The Kalari Healing treatments are an integral part of siddhavedic healing.

Focusing on the invisible pathways (nadis or channels) of the body this system helps remove blockages that impede the natural flow of energy (prana or vital force). Leah has studied these traditional healing practices in India & Australia with Sat Guru Hanuman Das, getting hands on experience with a master healer.

Standard sessions are 1 hour duration, they can be with or without oil. Series discounts are also available.

Kazuko Kalari Healing by Leah Casey

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